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Rubix carpet cleaning

Expert, local Carpet cleaning & upholstery cleaners for London.

24/7 virus deep cleaning and decontamination service

Effective antiviral cleaning for 99% of all known viruses and bacteria including COVID-19

Specialist antiviral cleaning and sanitiation service 

  1. Non-toxic and 100% safe for people and pets
  2. Kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria 
  3. Sanitisation & disinfection suitable for domestic & commercial properties.
  4. Emergency service available 24/7
  5. BS EN 1276 CERTIFIED antiviral detergents

Hot water extraction cleaning combined with antiviral sanitisation for all types of carpets and upholstery

Now you can enhance your carpet and upholstery cleaning with certified anti viral cleaning agents . Your technician can apply a biocidal cleaner all over the item and spread it evenly, even agitating the fabric with our rotating brush machine to ensure proper disinfection. The technician will let the virucide work for 15 minutes and then rinse the item. 

Finally, we will complete a Hot Water Extraction cleaning to ensure your carpet, rug or upholstered piece of furniture is left perfectly clean and germ-free.

We use high qulity cleaning products that are certified to BS EN 1276

Professional Disinfecting Service with Fogging against COVID

24/7 Fogging service

One of the best proven methods to combat the current threat from COVID-19 is with the use of a chemical fogging machine. Our professional technicians will disperse virucidal solutions in the form of microscopic droplets into the air near the surfaces. 

The droplets will spread evenly and they are able to reach even the most secluded areas. They contain the virucide detergent that eliminates dangerous germs.

This not only kills airborne pathogens but also kills those on all surfaces in the fogged area, including those not reached by conventional cleaning methods.

Our fogging is complys with EN1650 / EN1276 or EN14476 certified detergents. This means that they have been lab-tested and proven to eliminate 99,999% of germs in under 10mins

This type of specialist disinfection is also suitable for vehicles.